[{"id": 32, "name": "Address Cannot Be Located", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 26, "name": "Baggage Not Received", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 29, "name": "Cargo Not Delivered", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 22, "name": "Change Of Delivery Address", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 14, "name": "Consignee Is Unavailable To Received The Cargo", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 34, "name": "Consignee Refused To Received The Cargo", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 13, "name": "Custom Inspection", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 20, "name": "Damage / Loss", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 10, "name": "Damaged Box", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 21, "name": "Delayed Delivery Exceeding Delivery Timeline", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 1, "name": "Delayed Shipment", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 9, "name": "Discrepancy on Box and System / Wrong Encoding", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 37, "name": "Expensive Payment On Gate Pass, Consignee Is Unavailable", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 27, "name": "General Complaint", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 30, "name": "Issue", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 11, "name": "Liquid Spill / Wet Box", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 25, "name": "Lost Baggage", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 31, "name": "Missing Item/s", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 33, "name": "Mobile Number Cannot Be Reached", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 8, "name": "Multiple Address", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 15, "name": "No Authorization Letter", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 7, "name": "No Cargo", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 6, "name": "No Markings", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 2, "name": "Others", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 4, "name": "Overlanded", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 16, "name": "Pass Needed For Condo Units", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 24, "name": "Question", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 19, "name": "Request Of Shipper / Consignee", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 35, "name": "Road Condition", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 5, "name": "Shortlanded", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 12, "name": "Stacking / Deformed or Broken Box", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 23, "name": "Store In Warehouse", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 28, "name": "Technical", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 3, "name": "Unmanifested", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 36, "name": "Weather Condition", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 17, "name": "With Pending Payment From Origin", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}, {"id": 18, "name": "With Storage Fee", "is_delivery_failed_reason": false}]